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A Message from Melissa to the voters of Haverhill

I'm writing to humbly ask for your vote on Election Day, November 7, 2023.
This election is important. For the first time in our city's history, we will elect Ward councilors. It's important that we get it right.

I ask that you consider my experience on City council in standing up to the forces that be without hesitation, my education, experience, training , background, lifelong roots in this city, vision and values. I have been a fierce advocate for over two decades. I am deeply committed to public service and have a track record to prove it. I chose to start my legal career in the Essex County District Attorney's Office as a prosecutor. After that, I worked at a local Haverhill law firm as an associate and then established a solo practice of law in the area of child welfare. I am an advocate for children and families whose lives have been disrupted by a case involving DCF and allegations of neglect and abuse. I'm the type of lawyer who is always in court and rarely desk bound—whether I’m visiting children at residential programs or foster homes or litigating cases before judges. I ask the difficult questions, negotiate complex matters and coordinate the delivery of appropriate services for individuals and families in need.




Our Mission

To create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and makes policy decisions. Melissa never stops fighting for what is right and fair, balancing interest and value.


Our Election

People are hungry for a new brand of leadership. One that seeks to elevate the debate back to a level of civility and collaboration. Melissa is that leader and she doesn't shy away from taking a strong stance on issues.



 '"Melissa will bring to the Council an extensive educational and professional background in communication, both on an individual and organizational level. Her 25-year career as a lawyer collaborating and solving problems will help the Council resolve difficult issues. If she's anything like her father Glen, with whom I served on the School Committee, she will provide a voice of reason and clarity." 

- James Rurak, Former Haverhill Mayor

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London City

There are many ways to volunteer

knocking on doors, making calls, hosting lawn signs, organizing an event, and more. Let me know how you can help by emailing or messaging me on my campaign Facebook page. Make the subject line "Help" and let me know how you want to get involved. Join the team today!



Melissa stands out as a dedicated and compassionate leader. Her qualifications, values, and commitment to improving our lives make her the ideal choice. Here are compelling reasons why you should vote Lewandowski for City Council!


Advocacy for Social Equality

Melissa is a passionate advocate for social equality and justice. She firmly believes that every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves equal rights and opportunities. By electing Melissa, you are choosing a leader who will fight against discrimination, work to bridge gaps in society, and ensure fairness for all.


Community-Driven Approach

Melissa Lewandowski understands the importance of listening to the concerns and aspirations of community members. She values your voice and believes that decisions should be made with the community's best interests at heart. As your representative, she will actively engage with residents, and prioritize open and transparent communication.

Education and Empowering Youth

Melissa recognizes that investing in education and empowering our youth are vital for a prosperous society. She will advocate for increased funding for schools, support innovative educational programs, and work to ensure that all students have access to quality education. By voting for Melissa, you are prioritizing the success and well-being of our future generations.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

Melissa Lewandowski understands the importance of a strong and thriving economy. She will actively seek opportunities to attract new businesses, support local entrepreneurs, and create an environment that fosters job growth. By voting for Melissa, you are choosing a leader who will work tirelessly to strengthen our economy, create employment opportunities, and enhance our community's overall prosperity.


A lot politicians talk about supporting public safety but few people actually do it as well as City Councilor Melissa Lewandowski. Melissa has been one of the strongest voices on the #Haverhill City Council for public safety, responsible growth, and transparency. For those reasons and many more we unanimously voted in June to endorse Melissa Lewandowski for Ward 4 City Council. We ask you to stand with us, your Haverhill Firefighters and vote for Melissa Lewandowski for Ward 4 City Council.

Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM) #election 

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