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 I am a lifelong resident of Haverhill and a proud graduate of the Haverhill Public Schools. My first job was as a busgirl at The Tap. I played sports at HHS and later graduated from college and law school in Boston, after which I returned to my roots in Haverhill to establish a home here. Today, I am proud to call myself a Haverhill City Councilor. 

Even during my studies in the city, I never stopped staying connected to Haverhill, the city I love. While I was in school, I came back and served on the Zoning Board of Appeals, volunteered with Creative Haverhill, and worked part time as an educator, a substitute teacher in our public schools. I also volunteered for the city's Registrar of Voters and worked in the City Clerk's Office.

Public service is also in my blood. My father, Dr. Glen Lewandowski, was a member of the Haverhill School Committee for over 20 years. He brought his expertise, smarts, common sense, and personal sense of responsibility to his position, modelling what a public servant should be to me. When visiting local schools that his leadership helped to build, I am filled with pride when I see his name on the plaques in the hallways.


My father took action and got results.

That's what I have aimed to do for the City of Haverhill. Some of the highlights I was proud to advocate for and secure in my first two years on Council included:

* funds for citywide mental health services and youth mental health resources,

* review of and more detailed analysis and control on ADU dwelling process,

* increased attention and resources for our fire department,  and

* allocating resources for downtown beautification and maintenance, including graffiti, and dog waste, as well as general upkeep.

​ These are just a few examples of how leadership, tenacity, and teamwork can result in a stronger Haverhill.

Sometimes politicians don't like to suggest a course of action that isn't popular, but I believe that when the choice comes down to doing the right thing or the political thing, I always strive to do the right thing. I bring an independent voice to the issues of city governance. I am a "positive disrupter" working to champion personal, economic and environmental resiliency for this city, for you.  I do not hesitate to take bold action or have uncomfortable conversations. I do and will collaborate with everyone, not just those with whom I agree. When I commit to an action or a goal, I commit. I am not swayed by political pressure, rather only by doing the right thing. I have shown this during my short tenure on the council. I stood firm in fighting for increased staffing for the local fire department, increased funding for Youth Mental health and citywide mental health services, in balancing smart development with ongoing preservation of ecology, and in demanding transparency from the corner office in matters large and small that affect our city finance and future. 

The path before us has tremendous challenges but also tremendous opportunity. Let's embrace that and undertake the journey together to reimagine the Haverhill we want. This requires affirmative plans, strategy, planning and execution: Attracting and retaining businesses with thoughtful and controlled development, staunchly protecting our neighborhoods and greenways, and addressing landscape and traffic frustration. These are only some of the many policy goals I have for Haverhill. I believe that profits matter, but so do people, polic
y, and the planet. After learning the ropes in my first two years on council, I believe I am an even better  councilor for you, and continue to bring the understanding of this city I have lived in my entire life, and with the same deep rooted commitment to serve that propelled me to run in 2021.

What are the challenges you believe Haverhill faces? Let me know. Let's get honest about our problems and get to work on solving them. Together we can ensure that Haverhill's brightest days are ahead of us. 


Thank you for your support.



Melissa Lewandowski

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